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Olive oil latex condom broken condom! Avoid using latex with any oil, oil-based lube, or petroleum products. Thats the quick answer, but theres much more that can be said about safer sex, condoms, lube, and erotic olive oil options.   i dont mind if olive oil would leave stains mess, as id be lying on a dis - used towel, so it would be placed in the rubbish afterwards. Just as long as the oil doesnt leave stains on me! I just want to use something that wont dry out inside me at all during anal play & stays greasy all the time. Olive oil has many health benefits, but it is not advisable to use it as a sexual lubricant. In this article, we list some alternatives and explain why they are preferable. Olive oil and general state of the sex-art ( we are the art) as you know, the entire situation of our organism, make you feel bad or good. There are a lot of foods which help you to improve your health situation, and our friend olive oil is one of them.   because youre curious, here are 17 great lubes for anal play. Users say its a little thicker than olive oil, so it wont get tooooooo runny on you. Whipped cream, baby oil, and 6 other things you should never use as lube unless you actually want an itchy, irritated vaginaor an sti.   why olive oil good for men? Benefits of olive oil for sex for men as it is for women, the care for their sexual organs is one of the top priorities. Coconut oil for sex attracts many people looking for an effective and natural lube to increase pleasure and reduce dryness. Its true that coconut oil has been proven as a moisturizer, but is it. As it has been with so much of traditional lore, the inherently erotic properties of olive oil lubricant were swept into the shadows by modernity and are only recently coming back to light. The ancient egyptians, greeks, and romans were well-versed in the many benefits of olive oil and used it amply in sexy bedroom scenes. But as time passed, olive oil became relegated to kitchen use.

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